Tom Cruise’s First Wife Left Scientology After They Divorced — Despite Introducing Him to It

Tom Cruise is a well-known Hollywood actor, whose latest film "Top Gun: Maverick" earned nearly $1.5 billion and received six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Cruise was introduced to Scientology by his first wife, Mimi Rogers, who was a member of the church prior to her acting career.

Cruise and Rogers started dating in 1985 and got married in 1987 but divorced in 1990.

The exact circumstances surrounding their meeting are disputed with Cruise saying they ran into each other at a dinner party and Rogers saying they were set up by mutual friends.

Scientology played a role in Cruise and Rogers' breakup, as reported by former church executive Mike Rinder and former Scientology inspector general Marty Rathbun.

Rinder claimed in his memoir that Scientology officials were assigned to convince Rogers to divorce Cruise so he could be with Nicole Kidman.

Rathbun added that the church played a role in Cruise's future separation from Kidman as well.

Rogers left Scientology at an unspecified date but has never confirmed the events reported by Rinder and Rathbun.

After their divorce, Rogers had a successful career in movies, but her career has faded in recent years, while Cruise's career has continued to thrive.

The stories about Cruise's involvement in Scientology and its effect on his relationships with his ex-wives and children cannot be ignored, despite his success in Hollywood.