TJ Holmes and Amy Robach officially exit ABC, reportedly with 'compensation packages,' after office romance, plus more news

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have officially left ABC News and their show "GMA3".

The decision to let them go came after "several productive conversations" with the network.

The network recognized their talent and commitment over the years and thanked them for their contributions.

A decision for new co-hosts will be made at a later date.

Both TJ and Amy's exit came with "compensation packages", but no further details have been reported.

The couple were "devastated" by ABC's handling of their behind-the-scenes romance.

They were both married, though separated, from other people when their romance became public in November.

 After being put on hiatus in early December, it was assumed they would soon be officially let go.

They are proceeding with their divorces and are in mediation with ABC about the future.

Nobody feels like they could possibly be put back on air after the way this has been handled, according to sources.