Silk Now Claims A 'Bio Weapon' Sprayed Into The Air Killed Her Sister Diamond

Rochelle Richardson, known as Silk, has claimed that a "bio weapon" sprayed into the air killed her sister Lynnette Hardaway, who was known as Diamond.

Hardaway died last month due to a heart attack caused by heart disease, according to her death certificate.

Silk and Diamond were both anti-vaxxers and Silk has previously suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine caused her sister's death.

Silk described Hardaway's death as "sudden and unexpected" and said she performed CPR on her sister before emergency services arrived.

Silk has speculated that Hardaway's death was caused by vaccine "shedding," but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has emphasized that none of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the US contain a live virus.

On her podcast, Silk stated that she was "unable to say directly" if her sister was vaccinated, but asked if people would take a vaccine if they knew it was a "bio weapon."

Silk also raised concerns about people being poisoned through the air and food.

Silk has said she will discuss her theories in more depth in the near future.

Former President Donald Trump attended Hardaway's memorial service and spoke, but claimed he didn't really know Silk, despite their close association as Diamond and Silk.

Silk has said she wants America to "wake up and pay attention" and investigate the cause of people suddenly falling dead.