Retired actress Shim Eun-ha denies rumor of return

Shim Eun-ha is a retired South Korean TV and movie celebrity.

There have been rumors of her return to acting for a new project for the first time in 22 years.

Shim Eun-ha denied the rumors and said she has not signed a contract with local production studio, BY4M.

Her agency plans to take legal action against those spreading false rumors.

Shim expressed her regret for the rumors and hope for a future return to acting for a good role in a good work.

Shim was popular in the 1990s for her roles in hit drama series such as "The Last Match", "M" and "Trap of Youth".

She was also known for her performances in movies "Christmas in August" and "Art Museum by the Zoo".

Shim retired from acting in 2001.

She married former lawmaker Ji Sang-wook in 2005 and has two daughters.

Shim remains popular among fans who remember her past work.