Poly Quad Parents Open Up About Raising Kids and Having Babies Together: 'More Than Just Biology'

Polyfamory is a social media term used by two couples and their four children.

Alysia Rodgers, 34, and her husband Tyler, 35, found themselves developing feelings for Sean Hartless, 46, and his wife Taya, 28.

The Rodgers, who were already parents, committed to a polyamorous foursome and moved in with Sean and Taya in 2020.

The kids were told about the new living arrangement and were asked to treat Sean and Taya as parents.

The transition was "really easy" and the family grew with the birth of two new babies in 2021.

The quad did not regulate the biology of the children and all four parents are considered equal parents to all of the kids.

There are differences in parenting styles, but the families have conversations daily to address them.

The couples have faced criticism and concerns about their family structure, but believe it's best for their kids.

Being a parent is about more than biology, and the quad considers themselves a typical monogamous family, but with four members.

The kids have the benefit of having four loving parents engaged in their lives.