Michael Douglas Once Shared He Starred in ‘Basic Instinct’ Because He Felt ‘We Were Getting so Conservative’

Michael Douglas starred in the 1992 film Basic Instinct because he felt society was becoming too conservative.

 Douglas had previously starred in films where women took control and power away from men, such as Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Disclosure.

Douglas was interested in the gender wars and the shifting gender roles in real life and the film industry.

 Douglas believed that his characters in films like Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction were flawed, three-dimensional every-men whose mistakes put them in harrowing situations.

Douglas was vocal about his dislike for political correctness and felt it was restrictive.

Douglas took the role in Basic Instinct because he wanted to make a "hot picture" and counter a certain shift in audiences and society.

The LGBT community had a strong backlash against Basic Instinct, with protesters challenging the film before it hit theaters.

Douglas was surprised by the backlash, as he didn't see the film as having any negative commentary on bisexuality or homosexuality.

Douglas believed the energy directed towards the movie's perceived commentary should have been directed at more important matters.

Douglas believed that rather than trying to point out differences, people should be trying to find similarities and be kind to each other.