Melinda Dillon husband: Everything to Know about her husband and children

Melinda Dillon was married to actor and comedian Richard Libertini in 1963.

They were married for around 15 years before divorcing in 1978.

Richard Libertini was an acclaimed actor, comedian, and playwright.

He won several awards, including an Emmy and Tony, and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

He was famous for his one-man shows and his roles in movies such as Sharky’s Machine, Fletch, and The In-Laws.

Melinda Dillon met Richard Libertini while working as a coat check girl at The Second City, a comedy club.

Richard Libertini died in January 2016 due to cancer at the age of 82.

Melinda Dillon only had one child, Richard Libertini Jr, with her husband.

Richard Libertini Jr. did not follow in his parents’ footsteps and has remained out of the spotlight.

Despite their divorce, Melinda and Richard remained cordial and always loved and supported their son.