Man rushed to hospital with insect bite given devastating diagnosis

A man named Dave Whitford was rushed to the hospital with an ear infection that was caused by an insect bite.

.A scan on his head revealed a small growth on his brain, which was initially thought to be a grade 2 tumor.

After two years of monitoring, doctors decided to remove the mass and discovered it was an incurable grade 4 brain tumor.

Dave was told he has between one year and 18 months to live.

Dave had a birthday party last year incase he doesn't make it to his 50th birthday.

Dave has had chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but is now suffering from debilitating side effects such as short-term memory loss and fatigue.

Dave had his driving licence taken off him as soon as doctors found the mass on his brain.

Dave has been able to work in various roles doing odd-jobs for people over the last three years but now due to the severity of his symptoms, he's had to stop working.

Dave has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with expenses while he is unable to work.

Dave is devastated by the diagnosis and struggles to come to terms with the limited time he has left.