Jason Segel reveals he’s 'always struggled a bit with anxiety'

Jason Segel is aware of his own mental health and has struggled with anxiety.

He plays a therapist in his latest show, "Shrinking," who is dealing with the loss of his wife and frustration with his patients.

Segel has asked for help "so many times" in his life, but is often afraid of being judged.

The show exposes that "we're all a mess" and even those in positions of authority are also struggling.

 He spoke about his new series on TODAY, co-starring Harrison Ford.

The show explores the theme of grief and loss.

The main character is going through a breakdown and cannot cope with his loss anymore.

The show taps into the sense that everyone has of mourning something they cannot get back.

The series is co-created and acted by Brett Goldstein.

Segel has acquired tools, such as therapy, to help him feel better.