Is Britney Spears divorce with Sam Asghari finally happening?

Britney Spears divorce rumors with husband Sam Asghari are circulating on the internet.

The couple has not confirmed the rumors and their status is currently inconclusive.

There are reports that the couple is facing pressure due to a privacy breach and the stress of relocation.

The fans sent police to Britney's home after reports of a meltdown at a restaurant, causing further stress for the couple.

Britney and Sam are looking for a new place to live where they can have some privacy.

There are concerns that the stress of the situation is leading to Britney's emotional outbursts and Sam struggling to deal with the responsibility of being married to a superstar.

Britney and Sam signed a prenuptial agreement to protect her multimillion-dollar earnings if they divorce.

The prenuptial agreement was signed to prevent Britney's father from impeding it.

The couple has been together through thick and thin and has a strong bond.

The fans do not want Britney and Sam to divorce and hope they can resolve their current issues.