'I was literally pregnant, and I was like, 'You are getting fixed. This will never happen to me again!'' The snip and tucked stars who have had VASECTOMIES!!!

Actor Ashton Kutcher had a vasectomy.

The procedure had an unusual side-effect, causing him to quit using weed.

Ashton ingested THC after the surgery, leading to a negative experience.

He felt like he was losing all feeling below the waist and his wife Mila Kunis had to help him back to their hotel room.

Ashton joked about the incident in an interview with Esquire magazine, saying he was banned from using weed when it became legal in California.

Ashton and Mila have two children together.

The vasectomy led to a change in Ashton's use of weed.

The post-op experience was negative for Ashton.

Ashton was helped by his wife Mila during the incident.

Ashton and Mila are a couple with two children.