Her Boyfriend Said He Wants Her To Wear A Lot Of Makeup And Then He Even Drew Her A Graph Showing Her That She's Not As Pretty As She Used To Be

The 26-year-old girl has a boyfriend the same age as her.

Her boyfriend recently asked her to wear more makeup, including an entire face of makeup, to increase his level of happiness with her.

She already wears mascara, eyeliner, and brow makeup, but her boyfriend wants her to wear more.

Her boyfriend made hurtful comments such as "Do you even like to look good?" and "Don’t you want to look more attractive to me?"

He made a drawing that showed her being prettier when she weighed less and wore more makeup.

Her boyfriend says that wearing more makeup would make her more attractive and that he deserves to enjoy her at her "absolute maximum attractiveness."

The conversation left her feeling awful about her appearance and she's now afraid to let her boyfriend see her without makeup.

Her boyfriend previously said she's pretty but has more potential.

She doesn't want to wear more makeup but is afraid of her boyfriend's reaction.

She needs feedback and perspectives from others to help her figure out how to approach the situation.