Harry Styles Fans Spot Olivia Wilde On An Alleged 'Banned List' Issued To His Concert Security

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde went public with their relationship in 2021.

Wilde and Styles were reported to have taken a break in November 2022.

A security guard's printed paper with what appears to be a "banned list" was noticed by fans on TikTok.

Wilde's image was spotted on the alleged banned list by fans.

Fans speculate whether the paper is a banned list or an all-access list.

TikTok user McKenna Maureen stated that the paper is most likely a banned list.

Other fans and music industry professionals also believe the paper to be a banned list.

Wilde was a regular attendee of Styles' concerts prior to their split.

Styles' fans seem to support the decision to ban Wilde from shows.

Wilde may never be seen at another one of Styles' concerts again, according to TikTok user californiasunlouis.