Fans ‘so confused’ by Madonna’s ‘new face’ at Grammys 2023

Madonna appeared at the 2023 Grammy Awards to introduce Kim Petras and Sam Smith's performance.

Fans took to social media to express confusion over Madonna's appearance, specifically her face.

Some fans compared her appearance to a vampire or an impersonator.

Madonna wore a black blazer dress, maxi skirt, white collared shirt, black tie, fishnet tights, and purple platform heels.

Madonna's speech at the award show praised "rebels" and those who are called "shocking," "scandalous," etc.

Plastic surgeons have previously commented that Madonna may have had a facelift, nose job, and skin treatments.

Madonna's "Celebration" tour is planned for later in the year.

Madonna has not responded to any criticism or concerns about her appearance.

Madonna kept her hair in braid ponytails with tight braids down the front sides of her face.

Madonna's bleached eyebrows gave her a neutral expression.