Ex-CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Files For Divorce From Husband James Fletcher, Two Years After Leaving Network

Brooke Baldwin, former CNN anchor, filed for divorce from her husband James Fletcher.

Baldwin and Fletcher got married in May 2018 while she was a featured anchor at CNN.

Baldwin filed the divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court and issued a statement about the decision to end the marriage.

Baldwin described her years with Fletcher as "defining and awakening" and wished him the best for the future.

Baldwin's marriage coincided with her exit from CNN and a battle with COVID-19.

Baldwin stepped away from CNN in February 2021, citing the network's male-dominated culture as the reason.

Baldwin claimed that the most influential and highest-paid anchors at CNN were men and her bosses and executives were also men.

Jake Tapper was chosen as Baldwin's replacement months before her announcement to leave CNN.

Baldwin tested positive for COVID-19 in April 2020 and took weeks to recover.

Baldwin wrote an essay for CNN about her battle with COVID-19 and her husband's unwavering support during that time.