Drew Barrymore ‘Shocked’ After Learning Why Nia Long Wasn’t Cast For Charlie’s Angels

Drew Barrymore was shocked to learn that Nia Long was not cast as the lead role of 'Alex Munday' in the 2000 reboot of "Charlie's Angels."

Nia Long explained that her agent was told she looked too old next to Drew Barrymore and that her eyebrows were too "sophisticated" during an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment

Long discussed the audition process and what she was told about the film during an appearance on Barrymore's talk show.

Long was aware that Barrymore was the film's producer and had no involvement in the decision-making process.

Long realized years later that the studio executives feared casting a Black woman in a significant role.

The film did not have any black actors and during that time, there was an initiative to hire more black people in different roles.

Hollywood wasn't quite doing it because Long auditioned for so many roles that weren't written Black to the point where she was exhausted.

Barrymore and her fellow Flower Films producer felt nervous after Cameron Diaz and herself were cast for the main roles and realizing that the original 1976 "Charlie's Angels" had an all-white cast.

Long said she was glad they were having the conversation about diversity and inclusivity among women in Hollywood as it makes things harder for Black and POC actresses to earn roles.

Long said they have to keep the dialogue going so that they can create something together.