Christina Haack Starts 'Brutal' Parasite Cleanse for 'Abnormal' Gut Bacteria

Christina Hall (née Haack) gave a health update via Instagram on January 30, 2023.

Hall underwent an extensive panel test to detect internal imbalances and learned she had an abnormal amount of gut bacteria and parasites.

The test results showed that Hall also had a "little bit of heavy metals" inside her body.

Hall is currently on a parasite cleanse that she describes as "pretty brutal" but is feeling the effects of it working.

Hall has a history of health struggles, including unexplained extreme stomach pain and unexplained health issues, including mercury and lead poisoning.

Hall previously attributed her mercury and lead poisoning to "all the gross houses" she has been in during her career.

Hall tested positive for mercury and lead poisoning using biofeedback machine analysis.

Hall has since undergone a detox plan with herbs and IVs, has started using hyperbaric chambers, and is eating clean.

Hall was involved in a messy custody battle with ex-spouse Ant Anstead over their son Hudson from April 2022 to November 2022.

Hall and Anstead agreed to 50/50 custody and alternating holidays ahead of their scheduled court date in early 2023.