Ashley Graham Says She Stopped Breastfeeding Her Twins at 5 Months: ‘That’s a Lot of Work'

Ashley Graham is a 35-year-old supermodel and a mother of three children.

During a recent appearance on The Daily Show, she talked about her approach to parenting and feeding her kids.

Chelsea Handler praised Graham for normalizing breastfeeding on social media.

Graham has shared multiple breastfeeding photos on Instagram.

Graham initially thought that breastfeeding was the only way to feed her first child, Isaac.

After giving birth to her twins, Roman and Malachi, Graham stopped breastfeeding them at 5 months.

She chose to give them the best formula available in the United States.

Graham believes that people shouldn't be told how to feed their kids.

Graham has been praised for demystifying parenthood on social media and has written an essay for Glamour about giving birth to twins and loving her body.

Ashley Graham always keeps it real and is honest about her struggles and journey to love her body.